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To be a part of nation building by nurturing our students, so that they are not just participants in classrooms but active co- creators and empowered agents who can not only clear the toughest exam but also take the immense responsibility of being a Civil Servant. In addition to imparting knowledge of the concerned subjects, SAI IAS Academy lays great emphasis on ethics, social responsibility and leadership development so as to ensure that our tomorrow’s STEEL PILLARS do not suffer from moral and ethical bankruptcy.

Our Strengths

  • Flexible and highly Adaptive Learning System directed under Shri. Abul Haasan IAS (Retd).
  • Building a strong Student- Teacher bond which is individual specific.
  • Work sheet modules to make the concepts clear.
  • Evaluations based upon UPSC patterns to give a clear picture of a student’s performance.
  • Round the Clock Expert Support & Guidance.
  • Excellent Library facility with good volume of source books.
  • Apart from class hours, aspirants have the facility to access separate study hall that provides ambience atmosphere for their preparation.
  • Evolving our material constantly to keep ahead through Continuous Research & Innovation.
  • Regular visit of Bureaucrats provides constant motivation and mentorship to build upon the weak points and work towards strengths.