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1. Antarctic Krill

  • • The krill population in the Antarctic is under threat, due to a combination of factors including industrial-scale fishing and climate change.
  • • Antarctic krill are one of the most abundant and successful animal species on Earth.
  • • The loss of krill could endanger the entire Antarctic ecosystems, with predators, especially penguins, in potential danger.
  • • Krill are essential feed for whales, penguins and seals.
  • • Modern trawlers that suck in large quantities of water at a time are a primary cause of their demise.
  • • Krill oil is a scientifically proven to be a super source of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • • Krill numbers have declined by as much as 80% since the 1970s.

2. New Plant species – West Bengal

  • • Scientists from the Botanical Survey of India have identified a new plant species from Buxa and Jaldapara National Parks in West Bengal.
  • • The plant is named after former President Abdul Kalam as Drypetes kalamii.
  • • It is a small shrub adding to the rich floral wealth of India.
  • • The newly described plant is unisexual in nature, which means they have separate male and female plants.
  • • The new species is found in wet, shaded areas of subtropical moist semi-evergreen forests, at a height ranging 50-100 meters.
  • • Being exclusive to these two parks ,the plant is classified as critically endangered.

3. National Conference on e-Governance

  • The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) with the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology and in association with Government of Telangana is organizing the conference.
  • • The theme of the Conference this year is, ‘Technology for accelerating Development’.
  • • The awards are given for excellence in various fields such as Government Process Reengineering, Citizen- Centric Service Delivery.
  • • The Conference is a forum to showcase best practices, innovative technologies and ICT solutions.