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1. Press Freedom-Corruption Perception Index

  • India is a worst regional offender of press freedom in Asia Pacific, according to Corruption Perception Index.
  • Transparency International finds crackdowns on NGOs and media are associated with higher levels of corruption in the world.
  • On average, every week at least one journalist is killed in a country that is highly corrupt.
  • The analysis by Transparency International showed that in the last six years, more than 9 out of 10 journalists were killed in countries that score 45 or less on the Corruption Perceptions Index.
  • Transparency International is a Berlin-based non-government organization.

2. Echindas

  • Echidnas, also called spiny anteaters, are mammals
  • Echidnas are one of the world’s oldest surviving mammals.
  • They are egg-laying mammals.
  • It is listed as ‘least concern’ in IUCN classification.
  • However, the short-beaked echidna found only in Australia and Papua Guinea is threatened.
  • The main threats are land clearing and habitat loss ,traffic, feral cats and potentially the rapidly changing climate.

3. Humanoid Robot- Sophia

  • Sophia is the world’s first AI powered humanoid robot
  • It was a part of the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT), 2018, held in Telegana, India.
  • A Humanoid may be defined as something that resembles or looks like a human and having their characteristics like opposing thumb etc,
  • A Humanoid robot is fully automated as it can adapt to its surroundings and continue with its goals, as the case with Sophia.
  • Sophia with her incredible human likeness and expressiveness is an evolving genius machine.
  • ophia, with a perfect skin and soft facial muscles, can give as many as 66 facial expressions.

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