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1. Enhanced Oil Recovery Program –ONGC

    • The program plans to introduce carbon dioxide injection in oil field to recover an extra 20 million barrels of crude oil.
    • It is carried out by Oil and Natural Gas Corporation in its Gandhar field.
    • The plan is carried out under enhanced oil recovery (EOR) program, whose objective is to improve India’s energy security.
    • It will be the first large scale CO2 injected project in South Asia.
    • Injected gas is miscible with residual oil and reduces its viscosity, making it easier to displace the oil from the rock pores.

2. Prospects of 5G Technology

    • The global roll-out of 5G commercial services is expected by 2020.
    • India government is taking various measures for the sooner deployment of the technology.
    • High-speed broadband remains the top priority for telecom service providers, the government and the citizens alike.
    • 5G will significantly contribute in transforming everyday lives of Indians by resolving real issues within e-healthcare, e-education, infrastructure and e-governance.
    • This technology would entail accelerating the BharatNet programme for deploying connectivity infrastructures.

3. Revival Trend in Indian Industrial Activity
In India Industrial activity has been improved in terms of IIP and PMI.

  • Industrial growth is measured by the government’s Index of Industrial Production (IIP) and the private sector Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI).
  • Both of these Indexes has been improved significantly in the months of Nov 2017 – Feb 2018.
  • Growth in the IIP soared to 8.8% in November, the highest since October 2015, and stood at a slightly slower but still robust 7.07% in December, this growth was largely driven by the manufacturing sector.
  • The PMI surged to a 60-month high of 54.7 in December 2017 and came in at 52.4 in January 2018.