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Why in news?

A group of researchers has discovered a tenth species of the vine snake of genus Ahaetulla after a gap of more than a century.

More on news:

The Ahatetulla laudankia, the newly discovered snake, was first spotted by researchers in Simplipal Biosphere reserve of Odisha.

About Simplipal Biosphere reserve:

  • It comprises of the entire Simplipal sanctuary, the adjoining Nato and Satkoshia Reserve forests.
  • Simplipal is in the eastern end of the eartern ghats and classified in the Chhotanagpur biotic province of the Mahanadian bio-geographic region.
  • The prominent rivers flowing in this reserve include Budhabalanga, Kharkai river and Deo river.
  • Two permanent waterfalls namely Barehipani and Joranda is present within this reserve.
  • The elephant population of Simplipal is the major surving concentration of the Central-Indian population.
  • Other important fauna of this reserve include Bengal Tiger (IUCN status – endangered), Gaurs(IUCN status – Vulnerable), Fishing Cat (IUCN status -, Leopard Cat, Chousingha or four-horned antelope (IUCN status – Vulnerable).
  • Important tribes living in this region are Kharias,Gondhs, Santhal, Kolarian, Mundari etc.
  • This reserve is part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves since 2009.

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