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The Indian Air Force (IAF) has commissioned the development of an aerial surveillance system for monitoring suspicious movements under dense
foliage cover along the international border and some parts within the country.

In the recent years, terrorist movements, smuggling,forest exploitation is frequently increasing in the border areas.All these issues pose a hallenge to the security personnel to be alert or to react to against these issues because of the geographical terrain topography and dense forest.
So with the data gathered from aerial sources would be processed within minutes, and researchers would be able to tell security forces on the ground
of unwanted human presence in the area, their numbers and locations, among other inputs. This is a unique patent application, which will help
identify the presence of a human below trees, dense foliage, shrubs or inside a structure, whether it is day or night. It can detect human presence from air even if there a cloud cover, dense fog or snow cover. Data/images will be captured through optical and infra red sensors to be most likely mounted on an unmanned aerial vehicle and processed through deep learning algorithms.

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