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Why in news?

Annamacharya Jayanti is to be celebrated on May 18 throughout Andhra Pradesh. This is the 610th birth anniversary
celebrations of Annamacharya, who is also known as Annamaiah.

About Annamacharya:

  • He was a 15th century- saint (1408-1503) Hindu saint and a famous Carnatic music composer during Vijayangar kingdom
  • He was born in Tallapaka, a village in present day Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Other composers like Purandaradasa (the Grandfather of Carnatic Music) came after him.
  • He is said to have composed as many as 32,000 sankeertanas (songs) on the god Venkateswara of which only about 12,000 are
    available today.
  • In his later keertanas, he espouses subjects such as morality, dharma and righteousness.
  • He also stood against the Untouchability through his sankeertanas.

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