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U.K. clears Mallya’s extradition to India

Extradition is the legal process by which a person is transferred from one place to another without the person’s consent.

This is a legal method to prevent people from evading justice.

When a person commits a crime in a state and then goes to a different one, the person can be sent back to face charges in the state where the crime was committed.

Generally, a country’s power to arrest a fugitive only extends within its borders.

If there is no provision for extradition, people can evade justice by moving from one place to another.

Extradition treaties are signed between nations with the intention to transfer criminals from a requested country to a requesting country.

International extradition is allowed by nations only after imposing conditions to the process.

When an extradition treaty is signed, the parties to the treaty provide the offenses for which an individual can be extradited. International extradition matters are negotiated by the executive branch of federal government.

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