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1.Adopting electric two-wheelers in India

Why in News?
Cumulative electric vehicles (EVs) on road crossed the four million-mark and the Tesla Model 3 became the best-selling premium vehicle, delivering over 1,40,000 vehicles in the year.

In brief:
According to the latest Global Electric Vehicle Outlook published by the International Energy Agency, China has around 250 million electric two-wheelers, with annual sales of 30 million.

Of the total carbon dioxide emissions saved by EVs worldwide, over 80% was due to China’s electric two-wheelers alone.

Two factors are highlighted for this success story in China namely

1. Electric two-wheelers were designated as bicycles, exempting them from registration and requiring a driving licence.

2. Cities placed severe limitations on the use of petrol two-wheelers in the city centres.

Scope to India:

In India, it is very important to electrify two-wheelers, which are about three-fourths of the transportation fleet. By electrifying all the two-wheelers in use, India can avoid about 15% of the total transportation emission and more importantly, about 30% of particulate matter, curbing air pollution.

For an electric two-wheeler, with an electricity price of around Rs. 3-6 per unit, it would cost about Rs. 10–Rs. 30 per 100 km, which is significantly lower.

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