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Why in news?

  •  Recently the Union Environment Ministry has constituted a committee to implement the National Clean Air Programme(NCAP)

More on news:

  •  The committee will be chaired by the Secretary,Union Environment Ministry has among its members
    the Joint Secretary (Thermal), Ministry of Power;Director-General, The Energy Resources Institute (TERI).

About National Clean Air Programme:

  • It is a pollution control initiative that was launched by the Ministry of Environment.
  •  It aims to cut the concentration of particulate matter10 and 2.5 by at least 20% in the next five years( Base
    year – 2017).
  •  This programme has 3 components: Mitigation measures, strengthening air quality monitoring
    network and improve community awareness and capacity building.


  •  It is a national level framework with a time-bound reduction target.
  •  The programme aims to cover all sources of pollution.
  •  It calls for Multi-sectoral collaboration and Participatory approach (Central ministries, state governments, local bodies and
    other stakeholders)
  •  Thus it aims to dovetail the plans and efforts of both Union and State governments.
  •  It brings also the rural areas and transboundary pollution under its ambit.

Mitigation Strategies include:

  •  Setting up of a web-based 3 tier mechanism for monitoring and implementing the mitigation strategies:
  •  Extensive Plantation Drive (under National Mission for Green India)
  •  Promoting the Clean Technologies.
  •  Both Regional and Transboundary plans for mitigation will be implemented.
  • Sectoral interventions include promoting e-mobility, solid waste management, dust management etc.
  •  City specific air quality management plans for 102 non-attainment cities

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