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Doubling Of Farmers Income:

The Government has set a target of doubling of farmers’ income by the year 2022. The Government has constituted an Inter-Ministerial Committee to examine issues relating to doubling of farmers’ income and recommend a strategy to achieve doubling of farmers’ income in real terms by the year 2022.  The committee has identified seven sources of income growth-

  • Improvement in crop and livestock productivity
  • Resource use efficiency
  • Increase in the cropping intensity
  • Diversification towards high value crops
  • Improvement in real prices received by farmers
  • Shift from farm to non-farm occupations.
  • Savings in the cost of production

Initiatives Taken By The Government

  • Initiating market reforms through the State Governments by amending the agriculture marketing regime.
  • Encouraging contract farming through the State Governments by promulgating of Model Contract Farming Act.
  • 22,000 Gramin Haats are to be upgraded to work as centers of aggregation and for direct purchase of agricultural commodities from the farmers.
  • Launch of eNAM initiative to provide farmers an electronic online trading platform.
  • Implementation of flagship scheme of distribution of Soil Health Cards to farmers so that the use of fertilizers can be optimized.
  • “Per drop more crop” initiative under which drip/sprinkler irrigation is being encouraged for optimal utilization of water.
  • “Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana (PKVY)” under which organic farming is being promoted.  North East is being developed as organic hub.
  • A revised farmer friendly “Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY)” have been launched. The scheme covers various types of risks from pre-sowing to post harvest and the farmers have to pay very nominal premium.
  • Under “Har Medh Par Ped”, agro forestry is being promoted for supplementing farm income, increase risk management and climate resilient agriculture as an important component of Integrated Farming Systems
  • The Indian Forest Act, 1927 was amended to exclude bamboo from the definition of ‘trees’. Henceforth bamboo grown outside forest area will not be regulated under the provisions of felling and transit rules. As a corollary the restructured National Bamboo Mission was launched for development of the value chain of bamboo as a measure to strengthen rural economy by linking the producer (farmer) to markets (industry).
  • Launch of PM-Asha scheme which will ensure MSP to farmers for oilseeds, pulses and copra.