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Delhi Assembly today passed a resolution demanding that Bharat Ratna awarded to former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi be withdrawn over the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.

Anti Sikh Riots 1984

  • Due to the orders of Indira Gandhi, Indian Army launched its offensive against Sikh militants at the Golden Temple in Amritsar under the code name “Operation Blue Star”.
  • The army was successful in driving out the militants from the Sikh’s sacred place, but this event angered the Sikh People and their sentiments got hurt.
  • To avenge this action, bodyguards of Mrs. Gandhi killed her at her own house.
  • Later the angry congress workers and supporters allegedly began their brutal actions of killing innocent Sikh People in the country; Delhi was the most affected area during anti Sikh riots.
  • Union Government appointed so many commissions to enquire about the guilty people and to find out their masterminds, but nothing concrete came out of such commissions.
  • The kiths and kins of the victims of Anti-Sikh riots are still waiting to get the justice after 30 years of the incident.