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CJI-led Bench took note of over 5,000 vacancies in subordinate judiciary


  • The SC pulled up various State governments and the administrative side of the High Courts for delay in filling vacancies in subordinate judicial services.
  • A bench headed by Chief Justice RanjanGogoi reprimanded particularly Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Delhi for their inefficiency and inordinate delay in filling up vacancies of judges in high courts and subordinate courts.


  • It found that the source of the problem lay in poor infrastructure, from courtrooms to residences for judges.
  • Sheer lackadaisical approach to conducting the appointment process on time is another reason.
  • Systemic defects in the appointment process most certainly contributed to vacancies in the lower judiciary.


  • A first-of-its-kind study by Delhi-based Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy has found that most States and their High Courts do not adhere to the schedule laid down by the Supreme Court for filling up judicial vacancies.
  • Shortage of Judicial institutions and Judges ultimately increases the time of trial.
  • Existence of a large number of pending cases hampers the ability of judges to deal with fresh cases.
  • Existing strength of judges in the lower judiciary is wholly inadequate for the kind of workload that is constantly flowing in for disposal by the courts.