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Amnesty International strips Myanmar’s Aung San SuuKyi of ‘Ambassador of Conscience’ Award

Amnesty International has withdrawn ‘Ambassador of Conscience’ Award, from Myanmar Councillor Aung San SuuKyi, accusing her of supporting human rights abuses by not taking efforts to stop violence against the Rohingya Muslim minority.

Key Points:

  • Amnesty International awarded Ambassador of Conscience Award, which is a human rights award, to Aung San SuuKyi in 2009.
  • She has been withdrawn from various international honours because of the Rohingya issue that started in August 2017.
  • Over 7,00,000 Rohingya Muslims fled Myanmar’s western border into Bangladesh following Myanmar military’s attack which was done in response to Rohingya insurgent attacks on the security forces.
  • Myanmar military has been accused of launching a campaign of killings, rape and arson.

About Amnesty International:

♦ Type – non-governmental organization focused on human rights
♦ Based in – England

SC refuses to stay Sabarimala ruling:.

  • Review pleas to be heard on Jan. 22; women of all age groups can visit the shrine this pilgrim season
  • The Supreme Court on Tuesday agreed to hear in open court review petitions against its majority judgment which lifted a ban on women aged between 10 and 50 years from undertaking the pilgrimage to the Sabarimala temple in Kerala.
  • The review petitions will be heard by an “appropriate Bench” in open court on January 22, next year.

Majority ruling holds:

  • The Review Bench of five judges, led by Chief Justice of India RanjanGogoi, however, refused to stay the majority judgment by a Constitution Bench on September 28.
  • The majority judgment had declared the exclusion, solely based on the menstrual status of women, to be a smear on individual dignity.
  • It said the bar amounted to “treating women as the children of a lesser God”.
  • The refusal to stay the judgment would mean that worshippers, both men and women of all ages, can still undertake the pilgrimage when the temple re-opens on November 16 evening for Mandala Pooja.
  • The pilgrimage season would end on January 20 after the Makaravilakku festival.

Impact on season:

“The order of the court to examine its judgment is a positive step. But there are apprehensions that the review petitions would become infructuous once women aged between 10 and 50 enter the temple this pilgrimage season,” Supreme Court advocate UshaNandini, one of the 49 review petitioners, reacted.