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India International Science Festival (IISF-2018)

  • IISF is conceivably the biggest platform in India that brings together students, researchers, artists and general public to celebrate our nation’s achievements in science and technology.
  • It is a medium to encourage the young minds towards the field of science and to promote the networking of stakeholders working towards the propagation of science.
  • Through this festival, the largest of its kind in the country and in this region, it is expected that the message of excitement of Science and scientific temper will be spread to the students and will be inspiring for the youth.
  • All stakeholders collectively work towards “Vigyan se Vikas”- contributing to the Making of a New India.

SwachhSurvekshanGrameen Awards 2018:

Prime Minister NarendraModi recently conferred SwachhSurvekshanGrameen Awards 2018 to top ranked states and districts. The rankings were based on the National SwachhSurvekshanGrameen 2018 of the Union Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation.

  • Haryana was ranked as best State.
  • Satara District of Maharashtra was ranked as best district.
  • Uttar Pradesh was rewarded for maximum citizens’ participation.

Overall Ranking:

  • Top 3 States-1) Haryana, 2) Gujarat 3) Maharashtra
  • Top 3 Districts1) Satara, Maharashtra 2) Rewari, Haryana 3) Pedapalli, Telangana
  • States with maximum citizen participation1) Uttar Pradesh 2) Gujarat 3) Maharashtra
  • Districts with maximum citizens’ participation1) Nashik, Maharashtra 2) Solapur, Maharashtra 3) Chittorgarh, Rajasthan