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Why in news?

  •  As per a recent study, Anti-Semitic attacks worldwide rose 13% in 2018 from the previous year, with the highest number
    of incidents reported in Western democracies, including the U.S., France, Britain and Germany.

More on news:

  •  The study found the causes to be mass immigration, economic hardship and opposition to Israel’s policies towards the
  •  The anti-Semiticattacks are also prevalent in African and South Asian countries.

About Anti-Semitism:

  •  Anti-Semitism is the hostility toward or  discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic,or racial group
  •  A person who holds such positions is called an
    anti-Semite. Antisemitism is generally considered
    to be a form of racism.
  •  History is replete with many instances of anti-Semitic attacks.
  •  The most glaring anti-Semitic actions can be seen in Nazi Germany under Hitler.
  •  Adolf Hitler and Anti-Semitism:
  •  In Germany, the Nazi Party led by Adolf Hitler,which came to power in 1933 instituted repressive legislation which denied the Jews basic civil rights.
  •  In September 1935, the Nuremberg Laws prohibited sexual relations and marriages between “Aryans” and Jews as racial disgrace for Aryans. It stripped all German Jews of their citizenship.
  •  The Nazi government targeted 11 million Jews for extermination, and some six million were eventually killed.

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