Outsourcing and Consulting Services

When your business needs extend beyond your core competencies, let the industry's leader in outsourcing and consulting services help you regain your focus. At Aptiv Consulting, our world revolves around your business.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Payroll Outsourcing
  • Statutory & Compliance Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our RPO services allow both large and mid-sized companies to attain a world-class recruitment function quickly and efficiently. Our recruitment process outsourcing team works seamlessly within your HR management structure. A comprehensive HR solution can manage the entire recruitment lifecycle for your professional-level staff, or you can selectively use our expertise where your business needs it the most. Using recruitment process outsourcing for a department where you have the heaviest need, such as IT or Sales, can lower your cost and reduce time- to-fill while providing consistency and uniformity within the workforce. Our strong business oriented teams can manage all the sourcing, screening, and measurement strategy for your entire organization, while your existing HR team handles the interviewing, hiring and on boarding processes. Choosing which portions of the recruitment process you want to outsource, provides the flexibility to decide what is best for your business.

Payroll Outsourcing

The significance of Payroll Outsourcing is that it can be outsourced to the third party having Professional and Expert men for the process. Being a professional and expert in the field the payroll service, having excellence in our profession, there is no chance of any inaccuracy in the work.

The most significant aspect for outsource of the Payroll Processing is the cost of the work. It saves nearly 50% of the cost.

The work is done professionally and timely which enables the business to be cost effective and time saving.

The experts and professionals ensure hassle free services. It also improves the productivity of the business.

The use of latest technology and the best software enables faster and qualitative work. It offers the Companies and Organizations a hassle free service. Most importantly it reduces the paper work and also saves timing with accurate and qualitative work.

It is significant and hence it is now becoming one of the finest and most compatible substitutes in the hands of management to reduce the cost to the company. With our expertise in Payroll Management, your organization can gain with timely error free outputs, with an extensive range of services that include: Employee Master Updation

Inputs Updation
Company Specific Reporting
MIS & Reporting
Monthly pay slips to employees over email in PDF format
Full and Final settlement in case if required
Leave encashment payable whenever applicable

Statutory & Compliance Outsourcing

At Aptiv Consulting, we ensure happiness quotient of your employees through our range of HR Solutions that perfectly meet your requirements. We monitor regulatory compliances and we file your company’s necessary records / returns / documents to the right authority at the right time. It is a tedious task which involves loads of paper work. With our Statutory Compliance Outsourcing Services, our clients save huge amount of their precious time. Your Human resources professionals could focus on utilizing their time for Planning & Implementing the Business growth and Organizational Development.

We are committed to provide satisfactory services to the customers through the prompt & quality output at an affordable value. We never compromise with quality just to make our services cheaper instead we emphasize more on the quality and accuracy.

With our Statutory and Compliance Outsourcing solutions, we will ensure that your organization is compliant with all employee-related statutory compliance requirements. Our range of services include:

  • Timely remittance & filing management under Statutory Activity (PF, ESI, LWF, PT etc).
  • Statutory & Compliance Audit.
  • Management of Compliance activities, Labour laws, Statutory & Compliance Audit, Liasioning
  • Shops & Establishment Registrations, Renewals & Maintenance of Registers
  • Income Tax - IT Returns & Form 16
  • Profession Tax Registrations, Monthly & Annual Returns Filing etc...
  • Employee State Insurance Registrations, Half Yearly Returns, issuing Temp. Cards etc...
  • Provident Fund Registrations, Monthly & Annual Returns, Withdrawels, Transfer etc...
  • Audit & Inspection of All Statutory Registers

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